Friday, October 26, 2012

Six cats, one barn, two humans...Possums, ew!

This year finds us with two new kittens, Dot & Dash for lack of another set of names as I get to know them and their personalities. Dear husband has a thing for boy cats and so he rescued these two twins to live here with the four big boy cats.

The big boys are not impressed but now a few weeks later, there is less smacking around for the wee boy cats as they have learned their place ... low end of the totem pole of cats.

Dot and Dash - he is the one that runs all over while Dot is slower and likes clean places, paper, cardboard and clean cat food bowls to curl up and rest.
Their antics while they practice being cats are amusing, and the looks on the older cats faces, of disgust, surprise or hate add to the fun. Smokey has had much say about the newcomers, but keeps bringing mice home as usual.

The last mouse was gray with very long white hairs spiking out, very strange looking, and glad Smokey is on the ball as usual. Garfield, too, has been busy in the cornfields tackling every size of mouse with gusto.
I can't say about Attaboy or big old Joejoe. They are more aloof especially since the newcomers prance around like cats on Mountain Dew.  Attaboy looks at the kittens with one eye open, other half closed, evil smirk on his face as he plans his next attack to chase them around the outside of the house and under the cement stairs, which has long been the haven of kittens and of safety.

Corky cat wandered two miles into town, and is residing at his new home at the Schultz's house. How he did this amazes me as he was born here.  But cats have a mind of their own. He did well with humans but he hated all other cats like his Mom did. He is a tiny black cat with a crooked tail, very easy to spot anywhere. I know he is happy so life goes on.

His sister Lily lives just across the street, adopted by Pam & Rich. Momma cat went to the Knoxville, IA humane society this past spring. Someone had dumped her in our area and we had enough work finding homes for her kittens so it was time to move her out.

We are odd that way: only boy cats. It is simpler for us and all the cat love is still there.

So it was 33 degrees this morning and I plugged in the heated water dish.
We now have a lean to over the north door, so I can feed the cats more easily and
keep the water dish filled without trekking to the barn.

 The barn is still the bedroom for the cats
as the heated mat is still working well in it's makeshift bedroom perched high on the old
freezer someone left years ago. I like the idea of the cats patrolling the barn for creatures.

For several nights in a row I had a large possum by our door, eating cat food crumbs and basically stinking up the place. I would not mind them as much if they didn't stink so much. Pew! Pee-ew! Nasty!

So I am careful about feeding times and leftover bits of food now.

The other day six deer were dancing on my septic tank covers like giddy teenagers.
I was awake at 2am, and so were they. I realized it was hunting season, and hoped
no hunter had them in his sights so near my house. I don't want holes in my siding or barn or me.
There certainly are many deer in our area, I guess the drought did nothing to hurt the population of them or the coyotes.

The rains have increased so things are growing somewhat. With the night freezes
coming, the season is about over, and few days left to sit outside & commune with the cats.

This spring/summer I've been eating less and doing more chores, so lost 12 lbs.
I need more of this. I am getting more adjusted to life in a small house, and
am trying to pick out a quilt pattern I like enough to stick with it until completion.

I will need to make it 'quilt as you go' this time, due to lack of space.
I also want to make a lap quilt for my brother, which may be my first
priority since Autumn is in full tilt and winter is snapping at its heels.

I know winter is near because the cats are wearing much heavier fur these days.