Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's autumn 2011, cats in the barn

It's a wet & windy morning today. The cats are tucked into the barn, snoozing & snuggling.
Graygray, Joejoe, Attaboy, Smokey, and the new yellow & white one month old kitten that was given to us two days ago sleep in the barn. There is a heated pet pad in a converted toy box, high up for them to snooze in. The heated water dish keeps them bellying up to the water anytime they want. Everything is ready for winter!

The nights cool down to freezing here in Iowa now, but days almost to 60 means good things. We moved to a wreck of a small house over a year ago so now my time is spent cleaning, priming and painting. No real kitchen yet, and even then it will be concisely small of cabinetry due to six doorways in the kitchen, with no one that can be eliminated. Such is life on the hill in the country.

With the rains coming I dug ten small holes to plant ten sprigs of Colorado blue spruce. No one ever put in a wind break here. I may never live to see it but someone has to care about a wind break and this run down house. It is so improved already with siding, windows and much new flooring and paint inside. I feel better for fixing it up!

I am still very overweight and sluggish, but even snails accomplish things. Just ask my cats, they watch me all the time. Only one can come inside, Graygray, the oldest, who is four years old. He is the inside outside goodest cat, snuggler. And the little yellow & white kitten is a lap cat as well but outside. I can sit outside even in 40 degree weather in the winter so he will get attention. I have not named him yet since I have to see his personality yet. Giving it time.

Off I go to finish some dishwashing and clean up the floor from my husband's whoopsie last night: dropped a plateful of spaghetti and I did initial clean up but it needs more done. The brown mud rug that is over the holes in the lino needs a good cleaning yet with Resolve. I had Gray in to eat the meat off the rug and floor. Just like a little Hoover vacuum.